Peter Fallow -- Bizarro World Romenesko!!

If there were ever a time for an arrogant, drunken, lazy, ethically challenged and totally fictitious reporter to comment on the state of journalism, it is now!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Peter Fallow, Episode II: A New Hope

I have finally managed to rouse myself from my latest poisonous hangover, and I have had what people in that dark place call a Moment of Clarity.

I shall now endeavor to be the anti-Romenesko.

I'll try to link to commentary that would never appear on Poynter's Web site. And I think you know what kind of commentary that is

True, I won't be making $152,000 a year. But I'll muddle through somehow.

Or not. Right now, just typing these words have made me tired.

But we'll see what happens...