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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Apologies excepted

This recent trend of newspapers issuing apologies for past sins is actually an unrecognized gold mine for the industry.

We could get the advertising department involved! Print a weekly "special insert" with a rundown of past sins. One week, the theme could be something like "we used the word 'Negro' repeatedly in headlines from 1880-1965. We are sorry about that." The next week, it could be something like "this paper editorialized strongly against giving women the vote. We now know we were wrong."

The possibilities are endless. It could be a bonanza, I tell you!

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Wonkette-Washingtonienne update

It's been a while, but there appears to be some movement on the all-important Wonkette-Washingtonienne front. Wonkette is reporting that Jessica Cutler, aka The Washingtonienne, has signed a "six-fucking-figures" book deal. She'll also be appearing in the November issue of Playboy.

Bully for her.

But the most surprising bit of Mrs. Wonkette's post is what we Professional Journalists call "the lede":

If nothing else, this should put to rest the rumor that we cooked up the Washingtonienne thing ourselves ...

I am shocked that someone would insinuate such a thing! Nobody has ever suggested that the Washingtonienne was anything phony like an experiment in "interactive fiction."

And as for the suggestion that Wonkette pushed this story so heavily because she's either stunningly gullible or a well-connected, publicity-seeking blogger, well, you can just take that trash elsewhere.

As Wonkette points out, they're turning Washingtonienne's story into a book, people. They simply don't do that for people who are just making things up.