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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

It's all about the humans...

The conservative "media critics" at TimesWatch have gotten their knickers in a twist over a New York Times article on civilian deaths during the war in Iraq. And what has gotten those people so upset?

Sunday's front-page story by Douglas Jehl and Eric Schmitt, "Errors Are Seen In Early Attacks On Iraqi Leaders," comes courtesy of the left-wing anti-war group Human Rights Watch -- and, critics say, unaccompanied by military knowledge and historical perspective. ...

In the sixth paragraph, Jehl and Schmitt reveal their left-wing source: "A report in December by Human Rights Watch, based on a review of four strikes, concluded that the singling out of Iraqi leadership had 'resulted in dozens of civilian casualties that the United States could have prevented if it had taken additional precautions.' The poor record in the strikes has raised questions about the intelligence they were based on, including whether that intelligence reflected deception on the part of Iraqis, the officials said. The March 19, 2003, attempt to kill Mr. Hussein and his sons at the Dora Farms compound, south of Baghdad, remains a subject of particular contention."

What's the problem here? It's "HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH," people! It's obvious from the name that this organization watches out for, you know, humans and their rights. Sounds like a group that's dedicated to "comforting the afflicted," just like us in the news business! What's so controversial about that?

I hope I never become as cynical as the moral cretins at TimesWatch, because the day I stop caring about the humans is the day I leave this business.


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