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Monday, June 14, 2004


Geneva Overholser does the big-picture-journalism version of the Icky Shuffle in response to the New York Times' Page 10 clarification regarding its reporting on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

Overholser correctly declares victory over all those right wingers who go on and on about "liberal media bias." She does this by pointing out that the New York Times, of all places, is admitting it helped lead us into what my colleague Robert Fisk has called "this filthy war." The Times did this by failing to seek other sources for its WMD reporting beyond Iraqi defectors and high-level individuals in the U.S. intelligence community, when there were so many other sources out there that could have debunked the lie that Saddam Hussein ever had weapons of mass destruction.

Much like Overholser, I'm at a loss to name who these "alternative" sources might be, but never mind.

It's just so gratifying to say "Suck on that, conservatives!"


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