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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Clinton's 'sex bracelet'

Wonkette may have to write a clarification for her post on President Clinton's red and blue "sex bracelet."

If, like myself, you are familiar with D.C. sex gossip, you know that is not a sex bracelet, which is something the kids wear. (Though red and blue would seem to have some relevance to Clinton.) It's actually Bill's cock ring. Like most big-schlonged Democrats, he just wears it on his wrist when he's not in "lock-and-load" mode, because it's more comfortable there. Plus, should he ever need it in a hurry, it's well within reach.

The bit about it being knitted by sad little Colombian peasant children was correct, though. Yes, it's a Fair Trade cock ring. Democrats support that sort of thing.


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