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If there were ever a time for an arrogant, drunken, lazy, ethically challenged and totally fictitious reporter to comment on the state of journalism, it is now!

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Welcome to my blog!

Hullo! I'm Peter Fallow, best-selling author and former star reporter of New York's City Light newspaper.

How can you tell that I'm a serious journalist?

Because I make each individual sentence a paragraph.

That's what the pros do.

Anyway, a chap named Tom Wolfe wrote about me (rather uncharitably, I might add) in a novel entitled The Bonfire of the Vanities.

After reading that book, certain "critics" of mine would have you believe the following:

That I'm a drunk.

That I cut corners.

That I embellish, twist and spin the news.

That sometimes, I just "make shit up."

I've heard that my sole motivation is my own fame.

According to these commentors, my vanity has so blinded me that I don't even realize what a hack I truly am.

Well, I have two words for them:

So what?

I have come out of retirement because it's clear that I am the right person to comment on our present moment in journalism.

Also, my AA sponsor says it will be good for me to blog.

In short, I'm exactly what you deserve, and at least as good as what you're used to.



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