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Friday, May 21, 2004

Washingtonienne update: It's for real?!?!

This story from the "little blog who cried ass-fucking" appears to be truer than some skeptical observers (ahem) seem to think. There is word that the Washington Post will be running a story (with art!) in Sunday's editions, because Sunday is traditionally when you put your most important stuff in the paper. As the Wonkette says, "their Rich Leiby knows that I actually talked to her." (Translation: "Thanks, hubby, for transferring my call to Rich!")

And here's a picture of the cornholin' congressional cutie, whose name is Jessica Cutler.

The evidence is overwhelming. The truthfulness of this obviously true story overwhelms the naysaying of the naysayers. (And you know who you are.) Wonkette has a verbatim transcript of a phone interview with the young hottie who was fired for dirty blogging on company time. Because her money-earnin' trysts with rich, powerful older men have now been exposed, this poor girl is starting to get cryptic, menacing phone calls that eerily resemble the ones placed to key figures in Oliver Stone's JFK, for God's sake!

You can connect the dots.

I reckon there's at least a 60 percent chance that what Cutler wrote in her blog reflected the absolute reality of her sex life and not something embellished in order to generate "hits."

And 60 percent is way, way, WAY over the threshold for blog veracity -- and frighteningly close to Professional Journalist levels of believability.

I shall have to send Ricky down to the newstand Sunday morning to fetch a copy of the Post.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You used the word "cornholin'"? How do you know such a word? Why would you know such a word?

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