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Friday, May 21, 2004

Washingtonienne: The story keeps growing

Gannett News Service is bringing all of its prodigious resources to bear on this story, and other papers are just playing catch-up.

Check out this fine piece of reporting:

(Ohio Republican Senator Mike) DeWine first must find out whether the woman's blog was true, said Jamin Raskin, a constitutional law professor at American University. DeWine also is investigating whether the woman used a congressional computer to post it.

In the blog, the woman said she had a variety of partners. These included an older man, a co-worker with whom she was involved in an "office sex scandal;" and a married Bush appointee who also gave her money.

"Keep trying to end it with him, but the money is too good," she wrote about the older man.

If her blog is true, DeWine could give her the boot easily, Raskin said.

Of course the story is true. The Wonkette, who broke the story, said so to the Washington Post:

"It is no more fictional than anybody's diary. My gut feeling is that it's true. She's pretending to take pride in her own degradation and I don't think you can fake that. I do think she's a good writer. I hope that she gets a book deal and gets some therapy."

It is indeed difficult to fake a diary, especially when you do it anonymously on the Internet. Professional Journalists know this. That's why this story has legs. Plus, it's always important for the public to know that Republicans can be as morally debased as Democrats, because we're simply not reminded of that fact enough.

Think of it as providing a bit of balance in the wake of that whole Monica Lewinsky thing.

Gannett News Service, you are performing a true public service here. You've helped turn a possible work of fiction into a scandal.

Hats off to you! (Do I smell a Pulitzer?)

UPDATE: She's officially been sacked. Remember, no matter if what you're writing is true or not, DON'T BLOG FROM WORK.


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