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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Defunct D.C. blog mined for news story

Excellent work, Gannett News Service. Excellent work. This is obviously a story of the upmost importance, and I'm glad the media is all over it. An anonymous blog with a life span of a month can, indeed, be used as a "source," as Bob Woodward might say. (Full background here on the Washingtonienne, if you're unfamiliar.)

What made this Gannett News Service story so great? I'll show you. Here's the line from the eighth graf of a 13-graf story that demonstrates the extra effort a true media professional will put in to be truly "fair and balanced":

"The exploits described in the blog might not be true."

There's a word for this, people:

Call it journalism.

At a moment such as this, my pride in my profession knows no boundaries.


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