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Monday, May 24, 2004

Afflicted comforted; comfortable afflicted

Here we go again. That Instapundit cretin is banging away once again on the idea of "liberal media bias."


"Surveys" notwithstanding, no such thing exists among the ranks of Professional Journalists.

What these right-wing losers call "bias," I regard as the highest calling of Professional Journalism: stroking and massaging the news in such a way that it helps erect a better society. (Trust me, it only sounds dirty.)

And what is "a better society"? We don't always know, but our friends in government and academia are more than willing to help us figure it out. (We see them every weekend at all the good parties.)

In short, we're doing this for you people.

We just want to be loved. Why don't you love us anymore?


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